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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Wife...

Tonight’s blog post is a bit of a departure from the main event. We wanted to talk about a person who was an integral part of our story. Her name was Maxene Harlow....She went on to become Maxene Entwistle.

That first night in the limo when Pete said we were going around the corner to “pick up John”, Thunderfingers got into the limo with a tall, dark beautiful woman. John had recently left his marriage and was seriously head over heels for Max (as we all came to know her). It was very obvious in the way he looked at her; you could just see it in his eyes. We had an immediate connection with her. She was so down to earth and easy to be with and let’s face it, she was also from our side of the pond.

It was rough for Max to be around the other wives and friends of Allison Entwistle. After all, John and Allison had been the childhood sweethearts. As you may remember from our previous post, we had pierced Pete’s ear in a bathroom at the Navarro hotel, and we were not exactly embraced by the other women in the Who’s camp. So there we were, thrown together by happenstance, and, as Maxene used to say, “we got on like a house on fire."

John really appreciated us being there for Max, something he never forgot. We wanted to mention Maxene because she got a bad rap as being a home wrecker, which she most certainly was not. She was not even a Who fan initially, she could have cared less. She was a seamstress and a really good one at that. I think she met John because she was making clothes for Keith Moon and was a waitress at at a famous rock and roll hang in L.A. She was a pretty bad waitress and John thought it was amusing and that she was adorable.... and she was!

He pursued her for a long time and, while she turned him down many times, finally she said yes and they got together and stayed together for many years It was the beginning of an close friendship between Max and ourselves and even more unexpected, was the deep bond we would form with John Entwistle.. Ironically this really changed our perception and our role in this world we had collided with. We were no longer outsiders looking in….


  1. Surreal to read just days after going to Quarwood.

  2. The picture of me reading in my cut-offs,in the "Hollywood Suite",was shortly after the Live Aid show!That is the t-shirt I am wearing?