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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Soon you'll see me, can't you feel me, they're comin'....

    It had been 9 months since we had seen Tommy. We were blissfully happy in our ever widening obsession with Roger Daltrey and  now...The Who. Immersing ourselves in all things 'Who,' we had no idea how deeply we were getting in.  The depths got deeper. Wider. Worse. Better. Dangerous.

    It's 1975 and the announcement was made.  The Who were doing a  US tour. That came with no warning and just the thought of it was terrifying.  After all, he was on the other side of the pond....far away. The reality of Roger Daltrey being stateside....there were no words...

    When we got past the shock of knowing that  Roger Daltrey would be on the same continent, we got down to it.  How would we get tickets? Where would we see them? What would be the closest venue?  We couldn't go to the west coast, our parents would kill us.  Narrowing down our options, we decided that the show at The Spectrum, in Philadelphia, was the closest we were going to get.

    One of us was lucky enough to have a dad that had connections in good places, and he got us two tickets.  Wild with anticipation, we took the train from New York to Philly.  Much of that day is a blur to us both.  I remember some things, she remembers others, but for some reason, neither of us remember much of this. We did get a hotel room. We did take the train. We did have two tickets. And we did, behave badly.   Like any two obsessed teens, we wanted to see him.  Maybe it would be on the street, or in a taxi....or in a restaurant.  We had to try. So, we hit every hotel, peeking through the glass, trying to walk through lobbies as if we belonged....Even touching the door knobs, hoping that in some magical way, if  he had touched them as might connect us....Somehow we got through the day. And then... it was time...We have no idea how we got to the recollection at all...



  1. More. More. I want more.

  2. and more you shall have....sure you can take it? having lived it...i still get shivers thinking about it all...

  3. I've written many a story abut snuggling into curly haired Roger, smelling those gorgeous curls....

  4. Philly, the city of brotherly love.

  5. Ooh you are cruel!!


    Can't wait to hear MORE!

  6. will be worth the wait...promise, promise, promise...